Congratulations to the 2019-2020 USSA All-Star Teams (listed below)

Men’s Basketball
First Team
Kapeli Serawop, Uintah River High School
Will Larkins, Wasatch Academy
Logan Nickisch, DaVinci Academy
David Antak, East Hollywood High School
Jimmy Nielson, Terra Academy
Nate Serawop, Uintah River High School
Kelvin Cho, Wasatch Academy
Parker Savas, American Heritage South Jordan
Edgar Manu, American Heritage South Jordan
Second Team
Jonah Jenkins, Vanguard Academy
Verl Grant, Vanguard Academy
Jayce Ryg, Terra Academy
Elija Lovato, Spectrum Academy
Bailey Mace, Spectrum Academy
David Vasquez, Independence High School
Vic Hwang, Wasatch Academy
Nicholas Robinson, Amerian Heritage South Jordan
Ethan Gerena, DaVinci Academy

Men’s Soccer
Jonas Johnson, Spectrum Academy
Joseph Beltran, Independence High School
Bryan Valencia, Independence High School
Edgar Manu, American Heritage South Jordan
Ryan Jeong, American Heritage South Jordan
Adrian Garnica, DaVinci Academy
Israel Asugnya, American Heritage South Jordan
Dakota VanOrman, Spectrum Academy

Women’s Soccer
Olivia Jessee, Wasatch Academy
Olivia Choberka, DaVinci Academy
Marjella Lajuna, East Hollywood High School
Bri Phillips, Intermountain Christian School
Madyson VanHulten, Spectrum Academy
Chloe Guinn, Merit Academy
Jaycee Doty, Intermountain Christian School
Zara Cruz, East Hollywood High School
Marissa Brugman, Intermountain Christian School
Adamari Oliver, American Prparatory Academy West Valley
Kimberly Quero, American Prparatory Academy West Valley
Mattea Wade, Wasatch Academy
Sally Powers, East Hollywood High School
Polina Burk, Intermountain Christian School
Kaylana Morgan, Spectrum Academy
Adela Montoya, Merit Academy
Jocelyn Mendez, Merit Academy

Men’s Cross Country
Dakota VanOrman, Spectrum Academy
Aiden Koeneman, East Hollywood High School
Nat Rudd, Liahona Preparatory Academy
Tristan Bod, DaVinci Academy
Sean Rudd, Liahona Preparatory Academy
Josh Garrett, Liahona Preparatory Academy
Jesse Keddington, Vanguard Academy

Women’s Basketball
Arleen Chanez, DaVinci Academy
Mariella Lajuan, East Hollywood High School
Grace Lamoreaux, American Academy of Innovation
KennaLeigh Teague, Uintah River High School
Delaynee McKeachnie, Terra Academy
Rylee Dansie, Terra Academy
Karly Wiseman, Terra Academy
Madyson VanHulten, Spectrum Academy
Sequiah Tallbird, Uintah River High School
Isabella Mascarenas, East Hollywood High School
Izzy Vernazzini, East Hollywood High School
Abby Hathaway, Spectrum Academy


Utah School Sports Association

The USSA is comprised of an eclectic mix of Charter, Alternative, Residential Treatment, and Independent Schools. Through membership in the USSA, Schools provide their Students with a legitimate High School athletic experience. This valuable experience is critical for the development of teamwork & self discipline concepts as well as the time management, social, and leadership skills that will empower students for future success.

Teamwork, Leadership, Empowerment

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USSA Volleyball Schedule


Women’s Volleyball
Angela Wade, DaVinci Academy
Krishani McCook, Uintah River High School
Jessica Tijerina, Independence High School
Wendy Hernandez, Spectrum Academy
Bailey Tillman, Real Salt Lake Academy
Arleen Chanez, DaVinci Academy
Riley Massey, Real Salt Lake Academy
Hannah Harper, Spectrum Academy
Syd Peck, Real Salt Lake Academy

Women’s Cross Country
Jane Paul, DaVinci Academy
Lilly Budge, Liahona Preparatory Academy
Emily Lamoreaux, American Academy of Innovation
Bo Chester, Liahona Preparatory Academy
Grace Budge, Liahona Preparatory Academy
Ethel Finley, Vanguard Academy
Donna Mills, Spectrum Academy
Zefra MacLean, Liahona Preparatory Academy

Men’s Volleyball
First Team

Logan Nickish, DaVinci Academy
Ammon Hasson, Maeser Preparatory Academy
Wesley Hadvield, Maeser Preparatory Academy
Gabe Coombs, Freedom Preparatory Academy
Finn Peterson, Wasatch Academy
Austin Burke, Spectrum Academy
Mitch Gregory, Maeser Preparatory Academy
Kaylem Cesspooch, Uintah River High School
Ruben Quintanar, Independence High School
Second Team
Issac Maghuan, Spectrum Academy
Viniccius Coelho, Wasatch Academy
Christian Cryder, DaVinci Academy
Pedro Suzuki Lau, Freedom Preparatory Academy
Shawn Curtis, Real Salt Lake Academy
Kolby Olsen, Real Salt Lake Academy
Austin Sandoval, Real Salt Lake Academy