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‚ÄčThank you for the wonderful 2023 Basketball Season. Please check back in September for the 2023-2024 schedule

The mercy rule that was adopted by the USSA for Basketball will continue for the 2022-2023 Basketball Season

  • There will be a switch to a running clock anytime a team has a lead of 30 points or greater in the second half
  • The running clock will be stopped only during free throws and time outs
  • If the lead drops under 30 points, the clock will return to normal basketball procedure 

Home Team/Host Team/Visiting Team Requirements

  • The Home team is required to provide the official book, book keeper, and game ball(s)
  • Home/Host Gyms will provide the scoreboard operator for all contests hosted
  • The Home Team will wear White (or light color) Jerseys, Away team dark color jerseys (unless pre-arranged and agreed to by both teams involved)
  • Each school will provide adult supervision (Admin on Duty), for the purpose of sportsmanship policy enforcement, for any persons (students, parents, fans, etc.) in attendance other than the students on the team