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Saturday, March 6
Finals @ Layton Christian Academy

10:00am    Boys 3rd/4th Place Game

11:30am     Girls Championship

1:00pm       Boys Championship

The mercy rule that was adopted by the USSA for Basketball will continue for the 2020-20201 Basketball Season

  • There will be a switch to a running clock anytime a team has a lead of 30 points or greater in the second half
  • The running clock will be stopped only during free throws and time outs
  • If the lead drops under 30 points, the clock will return to normal basketball procedure 

Home Team/Host Team/Visiting Team Requirements

  • The Home team is required to provide the official book, book keeper, and game ball(s)
  • Home/Host Gyms will provide the scoreboard operator for all contests hosted
  • The Home Team will wear White (or light color) Jerseys, Away team dark color jerseys (unless pre-arranged and agreed to by both teams involved)
  • Each school will provide adult supervision, for the purpose of sportsmanship policy enforcement, for any persons (students, parents, fans, etc.) in attendance other than the students on the team