As a general rule, the USSA follows the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) rules.

​2018 USSA Soccer Rules
Gameplay Rules

1. Unlimited substitutions, players must come off the field before the substitute may enter the field.
2. Absolutely no slide tackling. A slide tackle will be defined as “when a defender slides on the ground in an attempt to kick the ball away from the ball handler, or impede their progress.” This rule does not apply to goalies inside their own penalty (18 yard) area.
3. During the regular season there will be no overtime. In the final tournament ties will be broken with two 10-minute sudden death periods. If the score is still tied after both overtime periods, then a shootout will be done (according to NFHS rules).
4. Shin-guards are mandatory and must be worn inside the socks. Both socks shall be the same, single color. Footwear can be athletic shoes or soft-cleated shoes. Shorts cannot have pockets. Players cannot wear jewelry.
5. Mercy Rule: Referees must call the match winner when a team has a 7-goal advantage during the second half, but play will continue. Referees must immediately call and end the match when a team has a 10-goal advantage at any time. Match results will be recorded from the score at the end of the game.

Roster & Player Rules
1. Players must “dress” (be in attendance and in uniform) for at least 2 games, with their school USSA team, of a team’s schedule to be eligible to play in the final tournament.
2. Teams must submit a complete and final team roster via administrator@ussasports.org before the first contest of the season. To be complete, the roster must include: Players identified with their first and last names, grade, & jersey number. Teams who do not submit a completed roster by the first contest will forfeit their first contest (regardless of final match score) and every contest afterward until a completed roster has been submitted. Players not on the team roster will not be eligible to play in any regular season or tournament games. Team rosters may be amended during the season with only currently enrolled students at the USSA member school. Proof of enrollment must be emailed to administrator@ussasports.org.
3. Each team is required to bring their own roster to each game for the referees to check.

General Rules & Regulations
1. Matches will consist of two 35-minute halves and a 10-minute halftime.
2. During the regular season wins will be worth 3 points, a tie will be worth 1 point, and a loss will be worth 0 points. Total team W/L/T points at the end of the regular season will determine final regular season standing and seeding in the final tournament (See tie-breaker rule below).
3. The field will be marked with white lines 55-80 yards wide, 80-120 yards long. The goal area is 6 yards, the penalty area is 18 yards, and the center circle has a 10 yard radius. Schools will forfeit any games they host that do not meet field-size regulations. 
4.  The field will be required to be well maintained and clearly marked with white lines throughout the season and be properly maintained for safe play.
5.  The field will be inspected at the beginning of each year by a board member to insure that the playing field has meet the size and safety requirements as out lined above.
6. The ball will be size 5.
7. It is the responsibility of each team (school AD & coaches) to read all the rules & season schedule correctly and understand team requirements.
8. Referees will perform roster and equipment checks for each team before every game.
***All other game-play rules and officiating calls will be made according to NFHS soccer rules.
***These rules & regulations must be distributed to ALL coaches and ALL referees.

Season Schedule
1. If a game should be cancelled due to inclement weather it is up to the Athletic Directors and Coaches at the two competing schools to call the League Commissioner to discuss. The Commissioner has the final say. If a game is cancelled due to inclement weather it is the home team’s responsibility reschedule with the opposing team.  Once rescheduled, the home team must inform the Commissioner and his assistant so referees can be scheduled.
2. Each school must report contest results to administrator@ussasports.org (or text to 801-372-3445) within 24 hours. It is also generally a good idea to get in the habit of contacting the schools you compete against a few days in advance of the contest.
*Please update your schools’ soccer contacts.

End of Season Tie Breaker Rule
Tournament seeding will be determined by the win/loss record in league play.
This is assuming that everyone has an equal number of league games played against the same league teams.
In the event of a tie between teams or individuals (i.e. Cross Country, Golf, etc.), the seed will be determined by:
1.  The USSA league win/loss record between the teams/individuals involved. If they split, the seed will be determined by:
2.  The head to head records against each other. If that does not break the tie, seeding will be determined by:
3.  Success against the next highest finisher, continued on down until the tie is broken. If a tie still exists, the seed will be determined by:
4. A playoff contest between the teams/individuals at a neutral site to be determined by the coaches from each school.

1. Referees will be scheduled for the entire regular season in advance by the USSA Arbiters.
2. Each game will have a certified center referee and 2 sideline judges.
3. Refs will be paid by USSA; there is no need for you to pay the ref fees.  If the refs have questions, please have email administrator@ussasports.org.

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