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Updated 10/31/18

Policy and Procedures for the Governance and Membership of the
Utah School Sports Association (USSA)

Article 1: Name, Membership, & Purpose
    Section 1: Name
          The Name of this association is the Utah School Sports Association (Herein referred to as the “USSA”)
    Section 2: Membership
          Any Utah School is eligible for membership
          The USSA Board of Directors shall set the terms, conditions, & requirements for membership in the USSA (See bylaws)

    Section 3: Purpose

          The USSA will provide opportunities for students enrolled in USSA member schools to participate in interscholastic athletic competitions. The            USSA will stress the value of sportsmanship, fair play, and education
Article 2: USSA Administration
    Section 1: Board of Directors
          The Board of Directors shall have governing authority and responsibility of the USSA for all of the following:
                 a. Set policy, rules, regulations, etc. for the USSA
                 b. Appoint the USSA Commissioner
                 c. Appoint USSA Board Members & Representatives
                 d. Approve or Deny membership, eligibility, protests & appeals
                 e. Manage USSA finances
                 f. Voting is majority vote with 4 Board Members present (physically or via phone, computer, or proxy), including the Commissioner
    Section 2: Commissioner
          The Commissioner is the Chief Executive Officer of the USSA and shall operate under the direction of the Board of Directors. The                              Commissioner is responsible for the following:
                 a. Carry into execution the rules, regulations, & by-laws of the USSA consistent with the best interest of the USSA
                 b. Oversee the management of the funds and assets of the USSA including any tangible items and copyrighted or trademarked material
                 c. Oversee and conduct USSA Board meetings and USSA related interactions
   Section 3: Head of Officials
          The Head of Officials is an appointed Board Member who will oversee:
                 a. Assignment and arbitration of Officials
                 b. Approval, review, and rating of Officials
                 c. Training of Officials and Coaches of USSA rules and regulations
    Section 4: Coaches Association
          Athletic Directors and Coaches may form a Coaches Association that may appoint officers and will work directly with the Head of Officials                  and Athletic Directors to address and propose questions, concerns, and adjustments with the Board of Directors
    Section 5: Scheduler
          The Scheduler is an appointed Board Member to will set up and maintain the league contest schedule. Appointment may vary according to                sport and season
Article 3: Dues, Fees, and Funds
    Section 1: Dues and Fees
          All dues and fees shall be determined by the Board of Directors and the Commissioner and are subject to change on a seasonal basis. All                Member Schools will be notified of amounts and due dates in a timely manner
          Section 2: Funds
          All funds shall be used directly for and only for the USSA
    Section 3: Refunds
          a. The USSA will set due dates for intention to participate and fees due for each sport. Schools will be required to pay the league fee for                    each team they intend to field before the schedule is built and posted
          b. Refunds will be given if a school cancels their program before the USSA schedule deadline
          c. Refunds will not be given If a school cancels their program after the league schedule deadline
Article 4: Amendments
    Section 1: Amendment Submission
          Proposed amendments can be submitted to the Commissioner or any member of the Board of Directors via
    Section 2: Amendments
          Amendments shall be approved or denied by the Board of Directors and Commissioner


Article 1: Eligibility of Players
   Section 1: Age Rule
          Full time enrolled students up to 21 years of age may participate as long as the safety of the student has been approved by Parent/Legal                  Guardian and the USSA Member School Administration
   Section 2: Attendance Rule
          Any participating student must be a full time, enrolled student at the “brick and mortar”, physical facility of the USSA Member School in                      which they participate
   Section 3: Physical Examination Recommendation
          Yearly Physical Examinations by a Medical Doctor are strongly recommended for all students previous to participation in USSA athletics

          Each Member School is responsible for the health and safety of their own students.
Article 2: Supervision of Students
          Section 1: School Responsibility:
          Each USSA Member School is responsible to provide an adequate number of adults for the supervision of students and fans at every USSA              contest and activity. An Administrator on duty is required for any students and fans (minor and/or adult) in attendance at any contest or                      activity other than the members of the participating team. This includes contests/activities away from the School’s home site
   Section 2: Coaches:
          Coaches are responsible to manage the members of the team they coach and may not be required to manage other students or fans. Failure            to provide adequate supervision at all USSA contests may result in fines, sanctioning, and penalties up to and including expulsion from the                USSA

Article 3: Eligibility of Host Facilities
          All facilities in which USSA contests, activities, and events will be hosted are expected to be at or above the standards set by the USSA and              the NFHS. An annual inspection of host facilities for safety   and rule compliance is required for all USSA member schools before any hosted            USSA contest, activity, or event
          Host facilities are required to have bathrooms available for participants and fans
          Host facilities are required to have a designated administrator on duty that is responsible for security, sportsmanship, and the safety of the                student-athletes before, during, and after any USSA contest, activity, or event
Article 4: Officials
   Section 1: Approval of Officials
          a. The USSA Head of Officials must approve all Officials
          b. Compliments, questions, or concerns regarding Officials can be directed to the Head of Officials via
   Section 2: Assignment of Officials
          a. Assignment of Officials will be overseen by the Head of Officials or will be delegated to an Arbiter who will be overseen by the Head of                  Officials
          b. Board approved Arbiters may be used by the Head of Officials on a sport-by-sport basis to assist with scheduling of Officials
Article 5: Compliance, Violations, Protests, and Appeals
   Section 1: Compliance and Violations   
          a. The Member School’s Athletic Director, or designated school representative, shall be responsible to determine that all participating                        students have met all eligibility requirements within the time frames as set by the USSA Board of Directors
          b. The Member School’s Athletic Director shall be responsible for their School’s compliance with all USSA policy, rules, and regulations
          c. The Member School’s Athletic Director shall be responsible for their School’s non-compliance with any USSA policy, rules, and                              regulations
          d. Violations to USSA policy, rules, and regulations may result in fines, sanctioning, and penalties up to and including expulsion from the                     USSA
   Section 2: Protest Procedures
          a.Protests must be submitted to within 24 hours of the contest being protested
          b.Protests must be submitted in the form of a detailed report of the incident. Please include as much supporting evidence as possible
          c.Protests concerning a contest must include the names of the Officials, Coaches, and Schools involved
          d.The protest will be reviewed and ruled upon within 3 business days
    Section 3: Appeals
          Any USSA member school or individual subject to the authority of the USSA may file an appeal to the Board of Directors for charges or                      allegations of violations of USSA policy and procedure
          a. Email a detailed appeal of ruling report to
          b. The appeal will be reviewed and ruled upon or a hearing will be scheduled within 3 business days
    Section 4: Hearings
          a. Hearings will be decided by majority vote from at least 4 Board members, including the Commissioner
          b. All hearings will take place within a timely manner
Article 6: Rights of the USSA
    Section 1: Contests, Activities, & Intellectual Property
          a. All rights to contests and activities conducted within the jurisdiction of the USSA are owned by the USSA
          b. The rights to these contests and activities include rights to the images of the contest, filming, broadcast, reproductions or other intellectual            property rights including the USSA website ( and its content
    Section 2: Commissioner and Board of Directors
          a. The Commissioner and Board of Directors is the governing body of the USSA and has the right to amend, eliminate, or alter any policy,                  procedure, rule, or regulation as they determine appropriate for the best interest of the USSA
          b. Any changes will be updated in the USSA Handbook within 3 business days

Administrative Policies & Guidelines

Article 1: Sportsmanship Policies
          The Athletic Director from each USSA member school is responsible to promote and enforce good sportsmanship for all Students, Staff,                    Fans, & Guests
    Section 1: Philosophy
          The USSA encourages its members to “develop teamwork & self-discipline, leadership, and social skills that will empower students for future            success.”  We expect each of the teams, coaches, their fans, and all who associate with the USSA to model these values, both in the                        classroom and during competition
    Section 2: General Sportsmanship Guidelines & Acceptable Behaviors
          “Everyone should do their job: Let the players play, the refs ref, and the fans be fans of their team.”
          a. Be “Humble in Victory, Gracious in Defeat”;
          b. Be respectful to all (participants, coaches, officials, staff, and fans);
          c. Sportsmanship expectations should be announced at each game;
          d. Cheer FOR your team, and cultivate a positive environment;
          e. Display appreciation for good performance regardless of the team;
          f. Demonstrate concern for all injured players;
          g. Applaud good play, regardless of the team;
          h. Regardless of the outcome, positively address your opponent after the contest
    Section 3: Policies Regarding Ejections, Fighting, and Violent Acts
          Any player, coach, or bench personnel ejected by an official shall be suspended from the next regularly scheduled, equal level (Varsity, JV,                etc.) competition
          a. While serving his/her suspension, and prior to returning to competition, an ejected player shall complete a free 20-minute NFHS Course,                “Sportsmanship” at
          b. While serving his/her suspension, and prior to coaching in his/ her next contest, an ejected coach or bench personnel shall complete the                NFHS online course, “Teaching and Modeling Behavior” (4-5 hrs. $20) at at their own cost
          c. If a player or coach is ejected during tournament play, he/she must have the required course completed before the next game to be                        considered for an appeal of suspension
          d. When serving out a penalty for ejection, a coach or bench personnel is prohibited from attending any contest, is immediately banned from              the playing or contest area, and is prohibited from any further contact (direct or indirect) with the team for the remainder of the contest (“out-              of-sight, out-of-sound”)
          e. When a player is ejected and must sit out an additional game, the player shall not be in uniform, warm-up with the team, or be introduced              with the team

Article 2: Due Dates
          All due dates will be determined by the USSA Commissioner and Board of Directors. Due dates will be published in a timely manner as to                  allow all schools adequate time to comply
Article 3: Insurance
          All USSA member schools are responsible for School Students, Staff (paid and volunteer), and facilities’ Insurance

USSA Sport Rules and Regulations

          The following rules and regulations are followed by the USSA. In some cases, minor rules have been altered to accommodate the Students,              Facilities, and Teams
Article 1: Tie Break Rule
          This Tie Break Rule is for seeding to the State Tournament. The win/loss record in USSA scheduled league play will determine tournament                seeding. This is assuming that teams have an equal number of league games played against the same league/divisional opponents
          In the event of a tie between teams or individuals (i.e. Cross Country, Golf, etc.), the seed will be determined by:
          a. The win/loss record of state tournament qualifying competitions, between the teams/individuals involved in the tie. If a tie still exists,

          the seed will be determined by:     
          b. The head to head record between the teams/individuals involved in the tie. If that does not break the tie, seeding will be determined by:
          c. Success against the next highest finisher, continued on down until the tie is broken. If a tie still exists, the seed will be determined by:
          d. A playoff contest between the teams/individuals at a neutral site to be determined by the coaches from each school involved. If BOTH                    schools agree, a coin toss may be substituted for a playoff contest to break the tie
Article 2: Sports Offered by the USSA
          Cross Country (Girls & Boys)
          Volleyball (Boys & Girls)
          Basketball (Girls & Boys)           
          Soccer (Boys & Girls)

    Amended USSA Basketball Rules
          The USSA Basketball has adopted a mercy rule that will begin with the 2018/2019 season.
          The procedure will go as follows:
                1. There will be a switch to a running clock anytime a team has a lead of 30 points or greater in the second half
                 2. The running clock will be stopped only during free throws and time outs
                3. If the lead drops under 30 points, the clock will return to normal basketball procedure
    Amended USSA Soccer Rules
           Game-play Rules

                As of the 2019 Soccer season, the “no slide tackles” rule has been eliminated. Member schools are strongly encouraged to teach proper                  slide tackling technique. 
                1. Unlimited substitutions, players must come off the field before the substitute may enter the field
                2. During the regular season there will be no overtime. In the final tournament ties will be broken with two 10-minute sudden death                            periods (“golden goal”). If the score is still tied after both overtime periods, then a shootout will be done (according to NFHS rules)
                3. Shin-guards are mandatory and must be worn inside the socks. Both socks shall be the same, single color. Footwear can be athletic                      shoes or soft-cleated shoes. Shorts cannot have pockets. Players cannot wear jewelry. Players not wearing appropriate attire will not be                    allowed to play until it is corrected
                4. Mercy Rule: Referees must call the match winner when a team has an 8-goal advantage during the second half, but play will continue.                  Referees must immediately call and end the match when a team has a 10-goal advantage at any time. Match results will be recorded                        from the score at the end of the game
                5. Matches will consist of two 35-minute halves and a 10-minute halftime
                6. During the regular season wins will be worth 3 points, a tie will be worth 1 point, and a loss will be worth 0 points. Total team W/L/T                        points at the end of the regular season will determine final regular season standing and seeding in the final tournament. (See tiebreaker                    rule)
                7. The field will be marked with white lines 50-80 yards wide, 80-120 yards long. The goal area is 6 yards, the penalty area is 18 yards,                       and the center circle has a 10-yard radius. Schools will   forfeit any games they host that do not meet field-size regulations
                8. The ball will be size 5
                9. It is the responsibility of each team (school AD & Coaches) to read all the rules & season schedule correctly and understand team                           requirements
                10. Referees will perform roster and equipment checks for each team before every match
***All other game-play rules and officiating calls will be made according to NFHS soccer rules
***These USSA rules & regulations must be distributed to ALL coaches and ALL referees